Rules of Incorporation

1. Name

The name of the Society is Hawkes Bay Forestry Group Incorporated (“the Society”).

2. Objects

The objects of the Society are to:

  • Enhance the business environment for commercial forestry growing and processing in the Hawkes Bay Region by bringing together in association participating persons and companies with a common interest in these enterprises.
  • Provide a forum for forest managers in Hawke’s Bay to meet and discuss issues of common interest and establish a collective voice with a view to achieving the industry’s aims collectively rather than individually.
  • Uphold a positive industry image to the public.
  • Promote the industry as a positive employment option for workers.
  • Advocate with regulatory authorities including submissions on district and regional plans while promoting forestry.
  • Meet with Government and non-government organisations that have an interest or an involvement with forestry including NZTA, Powerline companies, DOC, TB Free NZ, WINZ.
  • Manage drug and Alcohol initiatives within the forest industry.
  • Establish relationships with other wood councils to enable shared learning.
  • Raise money through membership for the purposes of the Society business.
  • Receive monies and expend monies for the advancement of the objects of the society and such other objects as the Committee may from time to time employ such professional or other persons or services as may in the opinion of the Committee be expedient or necessary for the carrying out or execution of any of the objects of the Society. No member of the organisation or any person associated with a member shall participate in or materially influence any decision made by the organisation in respect of the payment to or on behalf of that member or associated person of any income, benefit or advantage whatsoever. Any such income shall be reasonable or relative to that which would be paid in an arm’s length transaction (deemed open market value).